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The Panama Papers: Interactive Guide

     The recently released Panama Papers provide some findings regarding offshore finances of some of the richest people in the world. Some journalists find the need to leak information, and although it may be interesting at times, when everything is said and done- these finances are really no one's business but the people themselves whose names are listed. What is disguised here in the Panama Papers as global investigative efforts are really just journalists who are envious of the 'rich', making people's personal finance information public in the name of public interest for public viewing and understanding. Some of these power players are skillful and creative with money. Many people spend time learning to serve themselves while serving others. Those who are listed here in the Panama Papers may not be personally on your side, nor may you appreciate them, however, they keep the world running. Disregarding the view of the Panama Papers that is irrespective of the players, the information serves as an educational document. Have a pleasant time with this interactive guide.

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Credit for the interactive guide above goes to: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Visit their Official Website, Facebook Page, or Twitter.

The Panama Papers

The Panama Papers


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