Eldon Cloud


You so... Jokes

Some of these are old. Some of these are new. I did not create them. I remember them and, hence, this blog post. These jokes are funny when they are imagined.

  •        You so dumb, you thought 'Thesaurus' was a dinosaur.
  •        You so dumb, you asked the waiter when Denny's closes.
  •        You know you gettin old when your friends start havin kids on purpose.
  •        You so fat, yo pillowcase be yo socks.
  •        You so poor, I stepped thru your front door to your backyard.
  •        You so dumb, tryna strangle yourself witta cordless phone.
  •        Yo mama aint got no legs, talkin bout she aint gon stand for these jokes.
  •        Yo daddy so old, God put a calculator on his birthday cake.
  •        Yo girl so stupid, you told her you wanted to make love, n she asked you for the ingredients.
  •        You so cheap, you stole condoms from a free clinic.
  •        You so fat, aint got no neck, call u Head & Shoulders.
  •        Yo mama so stupid, she failed a pregnancy test.
  •        You so dumb, you sat on your TV and watched the couch.
  •        You so stupid, you went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered Condoleeza Rice.



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